Falling into the Dragon’s hands


The Fidesz and China (Part III.)



Another Chinese investment in Hungary – This does not mean consolation for those who have lost their jobs due to China

The Chinese Chervon Auto will bring about HUF 17.5 billion investment to Miskolc, and the government will provide another HUF 5.3 billion in non-refundable support for the development in Miskolc, announced Foreign Minister, Péter Szijjártó.
The Volner Party is, of course, not an enemy of investment and job creation. We do not even claim not to keep in touch or not trade with China.

However, it should be noted that for two decades the successive Hungarian governments have taken the harmful standpoint that the task of education and training is clearly to serve the market, ie to produce the knowledge they require for foreign companies. In contrast, a viable nation-state should not aim to produce disciplined, silent “professional slaves” on a conveyor belt for foreign companies.
This is the case even if the investor is an EU country, but the preference for China is of particular concern. We are convinced that Hungary cannot be China’s bridgehead in Europe, it cannot support a process with the ultimate goal of aggressive Chinese expansion in the Western world.

China has already imperceptibly destroyed the once leading Hungarian light industry, and now it continues with the economic occupation of the region. Be sure to note that China, as a communist dictatorship, silenced the COVID epidemic for a long time and then released it to the world, without taking any responsibility for it.

And as long as the Hungarian entrepreneurs in trouble get nothing, the government will provide 5.3 billion in non-refundable support to Chinese investors.
Europe is paralyzed because strategically important sectors such as tourism and hospitality, aviation or the cultural sector have gone bankrupt.

This cannot be compensated by an assembly plant that creates a few hundred jobs!