Falling into the Dragon’s hands


The Fidesz and China (Part IV.)



Investigation into the Chinese data collection scandal

In the crime of misuse of personal data, an unknown perpetrator is being investigated by the Hungarian authorities in the case of the Chinese data collection scandal.

The case goes far beyond Hungary’s borders, as the South China-based data analysis company collected data on about 2.4 million people, including prominent European politicians such as Britain’s Boris Johnson. The company’s data collection list also includes 710 Hungarian citizens, such as well-known Hungarian domestic politicians such as Gábor Kuncze, former head of the SZDSZ, Ráhel Orbán, daughter of the Prime Minister, Gábor Kubatov, Fidesz party director, Dr. József Pálinkás, former president of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences , Ágnes Kunhalmi, an MSZP politician and Márton Gyöngyösi, a politician of Jobbik.

In Hungarian public life, the Volner Party is the only one to constantly draw attention to the fact that Hungary cannot be China’s European bridgehead, it cannot support a process whose ultimate goal is aggressive Chinese expansion in the Western world.

It is worth remember that
–> China has already imperceptibly destroyed the once leading Hungarian light industry
–> China’s expansion and acquisition of influence is extremely aggressive, monitoring everyone and collecting data.
–> China is operating a communist dictatorship that tramples on human rights, which is not a European norm
–> China has been silent for a long time and then released the COVID epidemic for which it takes no responsibility, destroying millions of jobs across Europe.

Although each is a serious act, which do you think is the most serious of them?