Why China is dangerous? 



    • Called the “Cultural Revolution,” the Chinese Communist Party destroyed the invaluable material and spiritual values ​​of 5,000 years of Chinese civilization with a brutality that has not happened anywhere in the world, not even in other communist countries. This brutality still determines the attitude of Chinese leaders today, as they trampling on human and labor rights and doing nothing for the environment at a basic level neither.

  • China’s emissions are higher than those of the United States and India combined. Large Western European and American companies are outsourcing their environmental activities to China, or with the help of China, to other developing countries. The same big corporations are supporting balliberal parties and politicians promoting “green politics” at home, making a mockery of the most important issue of the 21st century, the environment.

  • The dictatorship of the Communist Party and unregulated capitalism are present at the same time. Today, the living conditions of a Chinese worker are roughly the same as those we see in history books about the misery of workers in the early 19th century. Western Western corporations and Western politicians pursuing a dual game are helping the Chinese Communist Party to maintain its power, perpetuate amazing corruption, and helping in the suppression of liberty and freedom rights.

  • This is not the first time that China has kept in secret an epidemic from its territory, that threatens all of humanity. It had already done so in 2003 with so-called atypical pneumonia (SARS) and then in 2019-2020 with Covid-19.

  • In relation to Hungary, Ambassador Cornstein himself warned the Hungarian people in the summer of 2020 not to trust China. https://hu.usembassy.gov/hu/mennyire-bizhatunk-meg-egy-kommunista-diktaturaban/
    This was a subtle indication that the Hungarian government was unfortunately increasingly under the influence of a dictatorship that threatened all of humanity.